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Artist Statement

My sculptures transcend the confines of representational art, freeing the viewer from the constraints of the familiar.  I invite viewers to question and discover the uncharted territories of their own imagination, and create a pause—a moment for people to think and feel without the need for clear explanations.

Fascinated by archeology and geologic time spans, my work reflects not only our current time and emotions, but also conveys a sense of time on a grander scale. Objects that have endured natural forces over eons such as fossilized bones and water eroded rock are sources of inspiration. Weathered surfaces and intentional patinas become symbolic of the temporal nature of life, inviting viewers to contemplate the transient and transformative qualities of existence.

Working very intuitively without prior sketches, I create by looking for an internal vision; concentrating on process and letting the art emerge in a natural progression of exploration.


Before he began sculpting, Lewis started as a photographer, went to film school, and continued to work as an advertising and editorial photographer where he photographed for international clients. At the same time, he was the photographer for the renowned Tallix foundry where his interest in sculpture  originated. Lewis credits the influence of photographing sculpture for Tallix and meeting great artists as the lead in to later creating three-dimensional art.


Lewis also developed an interest in science and innovation. He was fortunate to meet prolific inventor and scientist Dr. Edwin Land (CEO and Founder of Polaroid) which furthered his passion for integrating science into his art.  Eventually, he left the commercial photography business and created sculpture for self-expression. Along the way, he ventured into creative parallel initiatives such as new product development (he holds three patents) and experimenting with industrial design. These activities influenced his sculpting which became immensely important to his growth in creating his artistic vision.



Lewis’ art is widely collected by individuals, in several corporate collections and exhibited in galleries and cultural centers internationally. This includes the Gladstone Regional Museum and Gallery in Queensland, Australia; the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts; the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania; the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science in Midland, Michigan; the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon; the Courtyard Gallery in Connecticut; and the Grey & Gove Gallery in New York City.

If you would like to see more of Lewis' photography, images can be found at the photography dedicated website (opens in a new window)

Howard Lewis applying the patina for the bronze sculpture, Bilencia
Steel sculpture leap along with a photograph from the Inner Workings series.
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